With the achievement of a top 10 result at the Ironman World Championship in Nice  September 2023,  I decided to take a brake from Triathlon and embrace 100% Ultra-cycling world.

I have been experiencing in the world of Ultracycling the last couple of years with several big races as:

  • TransPyrenees 2023
  • Race across Italy 2023
  • The two Volcano Sprint 2022
  • B-Hard 2019 & 2021
  • 4 Corner of Croatia and other long distance brevets since 2018

2024 I finally feel ready to embrace  the most prestigious self supported race in the world: THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RACE.

Gearing up for this ultimate  4000 km race from Roubaix to Istanbul starting July 21. I will follow this three step preparation plan:

29-30 March

Hvar - All rideable roads

400 km

8.000 meters

Around Hvar Challenge

The first big ride in preparation for the TransContinental race. I will ride all the possible roads rideable with a gravel bike on the island of Hvar in 24 hours. it will be a massive amount of climbing, touching every possible cove down the hill and back again.

17-20 April

Wien (Austria)

1000 km

20.000 meters


This race is very specific by the fact that the next control point is revealed just when you reach the previous, which make the race a superb training for practice route decisions in real time race condition.

12-16 May

Black Forest (GER) & France

1100 km

23.000 meters

Mittel Gebirge Classique

The Mittelgebirge classique, a very popular race among the big names of Ultracycling, a 1000km races over 40 mountain passes trough the southwest of Germany and eastern France. https://mittelgebirgeclassique.cc

21 July - 6 August

Roubaix (France) - Istanbul (Turkey)

4000 km

40.000 meters


The most prestigious self supported race in the world, 4000 km race from Roubaix to Istanbul starting July 21.